Swings at Astrid Lindgren Memorial Garden

Swings at Astrid Lindgren Memorial Garden

We are delighted to tell you that this summer we will be installing three Jasmin Swings in the memorial garden for Astrid Lindgren, author of the much loved children’s book Pippi Longstocking!

We are great fans of Astrid and her works, so we are delighted that our swings have been selected to feature in the garden. The garden is in Sweden, a country of people well known for their sense of style and drama, so the Jasmin swings should suit the garden perfectly. We hope they will be much loved by many, just like Astrid was.

Pippi Longstocking

Copper swings in Astrid Lindgren’s memorial garden

Many of you will know about this wonderful Swedish author, but here’s a little for those who don’t.

  • Lindgren’s best selling book Pippi Longstocking was published in 1945, propelling her into the public’s hearts and minds.
  • Her family meant everything to her, and she made sure she provided them with a loving home, just like her parents had done for her and her three siblings.
  • She has given the world some wonderful lines that resonate with many of our childhood thoughts such as “mischief isn’t something you think up, it just happens!”
  • Astrid came to become a strong voice in society, and is credited for speaking up when needed, such as when she initiated a debate in 1976 about taxation policies which contributed to the downfall of the Social Democratic government, after forty years in power.

ASTRID LINDGREN copper swing memorial garden 

So of course we are delighted that our Jasmin swings will be heading out to the memorial garden this summer and we look forward to showing you a picture of them in situ!

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