Susie’s Visit

Susie’s Visit

As those of you who have been following us for ages know the Myburgh studios have a fantastic relationship with the very lovely Susie Dadd.

Not only is Susie responsible for all those wonderful gardens you have seen under the Myburgh banner at the Chelsea Flower Show over the years, she is also the person in charge of making the baskets for the Jasmin Swing. Believe me this is not an easy job. You need hands of steel to weave the willow into one of her amazing baskets. We don’t often get the honour of have Susie working in workshop with us. It was a good day.

If there are any of you out there who need a replacement basket for your Jasmin swing just let us know and Susie will jump back into her swing in her Somerset garden and start weaving madly. I managed to get some rare snap shots of her weaving during her last visit. (I’m sure she’ll give me words for posting these but oh well.. lol)

Susie hard at work making baskets

She actually weaves them in the swing.

The finished product!

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