• Poppies


    A wonderful way to add a touch of copper to any garden, our Copper Poppies come in three sizes and…

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  • Swing Stand


    Swing stands are an easy option for floating your swing inside or outside.

  • Shark

  • Ripple


    Ripple pays delicate homage to the enfolding power of the ocean with its fathomless emerald depths. The beautiful external patina…

  • Pumpkin


    The magnificent Pumpkin Swing made of recycled copper and waxed for protection against the elements, draws you inside to relax,…

  • lily


    Taking its inspiration from the Stargazer Lily’s gentle and graceful curves, the Lily Swing has a truly feminine form

  • Leaf


    Originally commissioned by the National Trust, Leaf was inspired by the natural architecture of the oak leaf.

  • Jasmine


    The fairylike Jasmine Swing features twisted curling florets of wrought iron tumbling down enclosing a nest of cushions and comfort.…

  • Gravity


    Gravity is a more modern looking swing designed to be enjoyed either outdoors or indoors. The range of finishes that…

  • Delight


    A delicate filigree of mild steel above a buttoned seat of copper. From your designer bedroom to under the apple…

  • Bubble


    The Bubble Swing is the ultimate tree accessory for anyone wishing to float away in the privacy of their own…

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