Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

We’ve been getting a lot more involved in the social media scene this year and have made some great friends and connections through our pages. We would now love to connect with more people on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so we can get to know more of you!

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Here’s a little run through of the sites we are active on, if you’re on there too then connect with us for a chatter.

Facebook: Our Facebook page just hit the 500 likes landmark so it’s going strong! It’s a great place to find out all the latest Myburgh Designs news, share design ideas, and chat to us in the comments or using messages.

Twitter: Our Twitter feed is the most regularly updated as we post lots of pictures, retweet loads of cool design ideas, and share pictures tweeted to us. It’s also where we connect with lots of designers and the media, so it’s a good feed to watch to see where we’ve been featured.

Pinterest: Our Pinterest boards are packed with images of all our latest designs, places we’re at and have been, and cool pictures of places we’ve found that would be perfect for swings!

We also have pages on LinkedIn and Instagram, but these are updated less.

Blog: We blog about everything that we’re upto and always put in plenty of lovely pictures. When you sign up to the blog our posts get delivered straight to your inbox so there’s no need to keep checking back. To sign up, fill in your details in the box to the right of the picture in this post.

To find any of our active pages just put /myburghdesigns after the sites URL, for example

We’ve found our pages are great for sharing Myburgh Moments and having them shared with us, with loads coming in through tweets and facebook posts on our wall. We love getting these so if you have any pictures you would like to send us then do!

We post a few different things on each site so check out all our pages and follow us to get everything!

Click the network name to follow us on: FacebookTwitterPinterest


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