The Glastonbury Shark Tale

The Glastonbury Shark Tale

We’ve had a lot of love for our copper shark sculpture, and some of you have been fairly curious about how the shark came about, so here’s the story. 

I have been making the sculpture on and off for the past year, helped initially by children from Heartwood school who made the frame. We wanted to create a piece of art to highlight the plight of sharks being killed around the world for their fins, a cause we all feel strongly about.

Frame for Shark SculptureFrame for Shark Sculpture

We decided to portray the shark in a light it is rarely seen; as the beautiful, tranquil creature they can be.

I finished the sculpture this summer and took it along with my family to the Green Fields at Glastonbury Festival. It was a fantastic weekend and the shark was much admired by partiers and environmentalists alike.

Glastonbury Shark SculptureGlastonbury Shark SculptureGlastonbury Metal Shark SculptureGlastonbury Copper Shark SculptureGlastonbury Metal Shark Sculpture Glastonbury Copper Shark Sculpture

After sharing it with so many people from around the world at Glastonbury, it seemed a poetic opportunity to share it with my local community on the village green. We are absolutely delighted with the response it has had, with so many locals getting in touch to tell us about it glinting in the sunlight.

Copper Shark Milland Village Green

If you missed it and would like to see the shark, pop down to the Myburgh Designs workshop at the Saw Mill on Iping Lane.

All the best

Steve x



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